Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Urgent - Call Senator's Baucus and Tester - Stop EPA Regulations to Regulate Greenhouse Gases

The EPA has now assigned itself the right to regulate C02 as a pollutant, without legislative authorization.  This is the ultimate tyranny, regulation by unelected, unaccountable bureaucrats, without Congressional authorization.  We cannot let this happen!

Congress already has the right to veto regulations from unelected bureaucrats; that power resides in the Congressional Review Act. 

Senator Lisa Murkowski, R-AK, is trying to force a vote that would close the door on the EPA's global warming regulations.  According to Sen. Murkowski's office, the vote on SJ Res. 26 should be happening very soon.  We need to help get that vote to the floor.

At the left are links to SJ Res. 26, which is extremely short, as well as links that summarize the EPA regulations and their effect on our economy.  Especially helpful is the link to the Heritage Foundation Talking Points, which gives you the information you need to cover when speaking with Senator's Baucus and Tester's offices.  In addition, it might be helpful to point out each Senator's stated position on Montana's agriculture.  These regulations will destroy agriculture as we know it.

Jon Tester

Farmers and ranchers are a vital part of Montana's economy.   As a third-generation family farmer, Senator Tester is a strong advocate for Montana's agricultural producers and rural communities in the U.S. Senate.  Tester and his wife Sharla farm the same land his grandparents homesteaded nearly 100 years ago.

Max Baucus

"Montana's producers and rural communities are the backbone of our state's economy and I'll continue to use my seniority and leadership in the Senate and on the Agriculture Committee to provide producers with the support they deserve and need."

Call and tell our Senators to vote Yea on SJ Res. 26.